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Want to take your skills to the next level? Get there with a customized package of one-on-one, hour long private lessons.  Markus tailors each lesson to your individual skill level and goals.  His experience and knowledge of the AZ skate parks enables him to create a diverse park rotation to allow you to practice new skills and tricks in a variety of conditions and locations.  Private lessons rates start at $50 an hour. Please contact us directly for availability as the schedule for private lessons fluctuates.


“My daughter, new to skateboarding, has been taking private lessons with Markus and we’re blown away by her progress and improvement!  We love how Markus puts children at ease with his easy-going nature, while also challenging and inspiring them to push through to the next level, quickly.  Our daughter has gone from rolling around to dropping in in a matter of months.  Wow!” – Stacy B.