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Skateboard sessions and Skateboard lessons

Skate True is the valley’s premiere and original skatepark shuttle service providing both skateboard sessions and skateboard lessons. With Skate True each outing is 4 hours in duration from departure time to return time. During the 4 hours a Skate True client is guaranteed to skate a minimum of two different skateparks. The parks are constantly revolving through a broad 33 park cycle throughout the greater phoenix area repeating parks as seldom as possible. By signing up to do Skate True consistently on a weekly or bi weekly basis participants will skate a wide spectrum of diverse parks all over the city!
Skate True provides water and snacks throughout the session, and we always stop at a Quiktrip between the two parks so the skaters can get additional treats if they would like. 15 year skateboard veteran Markus Neustaedter guides and skates with all the tours so on any moments notice you have experienced coaching and training individualized to your skill level, needs, and interests in trick selection. Or if you just want to cruise the parks with your buddies and skate free the whole time, thats an option too!

Whether you’re trying to progress to the next level, or you just want to have a good time at some parks you wouldn’t normally get to, with Skate True “we’ll get you there!”

Skatepark Shuttle Service

Skate True Skateboarding is the valleys premiere skatepark shuttle service. It’s not a skate lesson it’s a skate session! See pricing for more info.

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What is Skate True

What is Skate True?  Learn everything you need to know about our program in 90 seconds by watching this video right here!!

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