“This service is an awesome way to get your child out with other children to skate all the parks around the state. Markus is great with creating a fun atmosphere for kids of all ages. My son loves being able to go to other skateparks and learning from the other kids in the group.” - David Arietta (Skate True parent)


“Skate True is a fun and safe way for kids to get a taste of the many different skate venues all around Arizona. Markus creates a new Skate True park schedule every month and offers occasional full day trips where the kids can experience the cool parks of Northern AZ, Tucson, and even the infamous Lake Havasu. My son has been skating with Markus weekly and looks forward to his sessions every time. Skate True offers away for kids to make friends from all different areas of the valley and feel like they are a part of something. Markus quite often gets sponsorships from local skate companies as well and the kids receive free t-shirts, stickers, sunglasses, etc. The positive, no pressure energy of Skate True has helped my son challenge himself to learn new tricks and love skating even more. I am so thankful for Markus and his “skate taxi”!” - Jen Kath (Skate True parent)


“A great way to get out and skate! Markus has great groups of kids who learn from each other and have a great time while doing it! Always accommodating of your schedule, working with both the kids and parents for a rewarding experience. A lot of fun!” – Jacki Nasi (Skate True parent)


“Skate True has been amazing! My son joined Skate True last year and has become a whole new kid! He’s learned so much from Markus and Skate True! We are happy to support it in any way possible! I’m so thankful Markus followed his vision and started this! The bond these kids have with each other is even stronger because there’s so much positivity! The confidence my son has is due to to the leadership received by Markus. If you are looking for a no pressure, good skate sesh, fun time for your kid then Skate True is definitely the choice! Thank you Markus and Skate True!” – Dan J. (Skate True parent)


“Skate True has been a real blessing to our family. Having three boys that love to skateboard there is never enough time for me to get my things done and spend hours at the skatepark. Skate True has helped all three of my boys build confidence, learn skatepark etiquette, and make new positive friends. My boys have been to every skate park in the valley and have built a strong bond with each other along the way! Thankyou Skate True!” – Sarah Mihaylo (Skate True parent)


“ I've been going to skate true since it started and let me tell you it is wonderful! Markus never gets lost and has been skating (In Arizona) for 14 years so he knows everything about AZ skating. I highly suggest going sometime! :) ” – Will Kath (Skate True skater)